Sunday, 17 March 2013

Amstrong Ceilings

Clemson University, Georgetown
Architech: LS3P Associates
Product: Vector Clouds in Effects Wood Looks Cherry
Arizona State University
Architect: Studio Ma
Product used: Perforated/Unperforated in custom vertical grain Douglas Fir

Amstrong company offers a wide range of designs in terms of wooden ceilings starting from standard products to flat or curved custom applications.

Project: Franklin L. Williams Middle School
Architect: Clarke Caton Hintz
Product: Custom Ceiling Clouds and Walls perforated in custom Quaartered Maple

Metal Ceilings

Club Nokia
Product:Custom Faceted Ceilings and Custom Metal Walls

Tidewater Community College by Burt Hill
 Vector Faceted Microperforated in Silver Grey
Lyman Elementary School by Mcmillan Pazdan Smith Architecture
Product:Faceted Custom Microperforated in Custom Colours
Dubai International Airport
Product: Custom Plank System and Cutom Metal

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort
Product: Sound Scapes Shapes Acoustical Clouds in 14 standard colours and standard 10 shapes.

Project: The Lancaster Dispensing Company

For this project there ware used copper-plated panels with a classic stamped pattern.

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